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Harney & Sons Fine Teas has been a leader in the world of gourmet teas for over three decades. With a passion for sourcing the finest ingredients from around the globe, Harney & Sons have created an extensive range of high-quality teas that satisfy the taste buds of tea enthusiasts worldwide. In partnership with Disney, Harney & Sons has now introduced a delightful new range of teas in its Disney Collection, featuring one of the most beloved characters of all time - Mickey Mouse.

The Disney Collection from Harney & Sons celebrates the magic of Disney with an array of flavors and aromas that are sure to enchant any tea lover. The collection includes a range of black, green, and herbal teas, each carefully crafted to evoke the spirit of Disney.

One of the highlights of the collection is the Mickey Mouse blend, a black tea that is infused with natural vanilla and chocolate flavors. This tea is perfect for fans of Mickey Mouse who want to indulge in a delicious cup of tea that reminds them of their favorite character. The tea is packaged in a charming tin that features a delightful image of Mickey Mouse, making it the perfect gift for Disney fans of all ages.

Another popular blend in the Disney Collection is the Mad Tea Party blend, a green tea that is infused with natural apricot, peach, and vanilla flavors. This tea is inspired by the iconic Mad Tea Party ride at Disneyland, and it is a refreshing and fruity tea that is perfect for enjoying on a warm summer day.

The Disney Collection from Harney & Sons also includes a range of herbal teas that are perfect for anyone looking for a caffeine-free option. One of the standout blends in this range is Wonderland Tea, a blend of hibiscus, orange peel, rosehips, and natural flavors that create a delightful and vibrant brew. This tea is perfect for sipping while immersing yourself in the fantastical world of Disney.

The Harney Disney Collection: Mickey Mouse

Overall, the Disney Collection from Harney & Sons is a wonderful addition to any tea lover's collection. With its charming packaging, delightful flavors, and enchanting aromas, this collection is the perfect way to bring a touch of Disney magic into your daily tea ritual. Whether you are a lifelong fan of Mickey Mouse or simply looking for a delicious and high-quality tea, the Disney Collection from Harney & Sons is sure to delight you.


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