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Strawberry Cinnamon Rolls: A Summery Twist on a Classic Treat

 Strawberry Cinnamon Rolls: A Summery Twist on a Classic Treat


Cinnamon rolls are a timeless indulgence, and when paired with the sweet and vibrant flavor of fresh strawberries, they become a delightful sensation that embodies the essence of summer. Strawberry Cinnamon Rolls offer a fruity twist on the classic treat, infusing the warm, comforting aroma of cinnamon with the juicy sweetness of ripe strawberries. In this article, we'll explore the steps to create these delectable rolls that are perfect for breakfast, brunch, or any occasion that calls for a touch of summer sweetness.

To embark on the journey of making Strawberry Cinnamon Rolls, gather the following ingredients:

For the Dough:

1. All-Purpose Flour - The foundation for the dough.

2. Yeast - To leaven the dough and create a soft, fluffy texture.

3. Milk - Adds moisture and richness to the dough.

4. Sugar - Sweetens the dough.

5. Butter - Enhances the flavor and texture.

For the Filling:

1. Fresh Strawberries - Sliced strawberries for a burst of fruity goodness.

2. Brown Sugar - Adds a rich, caramelized sweetness.

3. Ground Cinnamon - Infuses the rolls with a warm, aromatic flavor.

4. Butter - Creates a gooey and flavorful filling.

For the Glaze:

1. Powdered Sugar - The base for the sweet glaze.

2. Fresh Strawberry Puree - Adds natural sweetness and a vibrant color.

3. Vanilla Extract - Enhances the overall flavor.


1. Prepare the Dough:

   - Combine flour, yeast, sugar, and warm milk in a bowl.

   - Knead the dough until it's soft, smooth, and elastic.

   - Allow the dough to rise until doubled in size.

2. Roll Out the Dough:

   - Roll out the dough into a rectangle on a floured surface.

3. Create the Filling:

   - Spread softened butter over the rolled-out dough.

   - Sprinkle brown sugar, ground cinnamon, and sliced strawberries evenly.

4. Roll and Slice:

   - Carefully roll the dough into a log.

   - Slice the log into individual rolls.

5. Arrange in a Pan:

   - Place the rolls in a greased baking pan, leaving some space between each.

6. Let Them Rise:

   - Allow the rolls to rise again until they are puffy and doubled in size.

7. Bake to Perfection:

   - Bake the rolls in the oven until they are golden brown and irresistibly fragrant.

8. Prepare the Glaze:

   - Whisk together powdered sugar, fresh strawberry puree, and vanilla extract to create the glaze.

9. Drizzle with Glaze:

   - Once the rolls are out of the oven, drizzle the strawberry glaze over the warm cinnamon rolls.

10. Garnish and Serve:

    - Garnish with additional sliced strawberries for a fresh touch.

    - Serve the Strawberry Cinnamon Rolls warm and enjoy the delightful fusion of flavors.

Benefits of Strawberry Cinnamon Rolls:

1. Seasonal Freshness:

   - Incorporating fresh strawberries adds a seasonal and fruity twist to the classic cinnamon rolls.

2. Homemade Goodness:

   - Baking these rolls from scratch allows you to savor the warmth and aroma of homemade treats.

3. Versatile Occasions:

   - Perfect for breakfast, brunch, or a sweet snack, these rolls suit various occasions.

4. Crowd-Pleaser:

   - The combination of cinnamon, strawberries, and sweet glaze is sure to be a hit with friends and family.

The BEST Strawberry Rolls Recipe


Strawberry Cinnamon Rolls are a delightful marriage of comforting cinnamon warmth and the juicy sweetness of fresh strawberries. This recipe invites you to embrace the flavors of summer in a classic baked treat that's perfect for sharing with loved ones or indulging in a moment of sweet solitude. Elevate your baking experience and enjoy the irresistible combination of soft, doughy goodness and the vibrant taste of ripe strawberries with these delectable Strawberry Cinnamon Rolls.


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